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2009 September | The Sports Report Girl - Part 2

On Campus; week 2

September 10, 2009 by SRG  
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This week the SRG looks forward to the two big games on the schedule… USC @ Ohio State and Notre Dame @ Michigan. Also, what a week for Oklahoma.

This Gives New Meaning to Tequila Shots!

September 10, 2009 by SRG  
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Since last weekend I’ve been watching, reading and listening to the developments in the Tila Tequila / Shawne Merriman saga. I’ve been waiting to see, like most of you, what her day of reckoning for Merriman would be. The smoking gun, though, has yet to be produced.

But these are serious accusations she’s made against the San Diego Chargers’ star linebacker. Merriman has had his troubles off the field, but I can’t think of anything from his past that would suggest this type of behavior… unless it’s “roid rage.”

And I really hate to immediately jump to the conclusion that she must be full of shit. Domestic violence is serious business, but there seems to be a growing trend to immediately discredit the female accusers in such cases (Kobe/Big Ben/Rick Pitino).

Even with that said, can you think of another person that would seem any less credible than Tequila? I mean 30 Tweets in one day? Enough already! Look, I’m not saying she is for sure lying, but her story seems pretty “fantastic” while his is rather plausible.

And another thing, can we all please stop referring to her as a “reality TV star!”

Professional Party Girl? Yes.

Occasional Porn Actress? Sure.

But Reality TV Star? Child, please! The only thing real about Tila Tequila are her… well, her…

Hmmm. Come to think of it, what about her is real? Hair, breasts, nails and even her name are all fake.

And for Shawne Merriman’s sake, he better hope the San Diego County DA feels the same way.

Everything NOT so OK in Oklahoma!

September 6, 2009 by SRG  
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The opening weekend of the 2009 College Football season, like most opening weekends, was filled with many surprises… a knockout right cross in Boise, a game saving interception in Columbus and a Syracuse loss in overtime. Okay, so that last one wasn’t very surprising. But the biggest surprise of all Saturday came in Dallas where #3 Oklahoma was stunned by #20 BYU, 14-13. Some will say the Cougs only prevailed due to the loss of defending Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford.

Bradford was lost for the 2nd half when BYU linebacker Coleby Clawson hit him and drove him to the turf, with both players landing on Bradford’s right side. Backup Quarterback Landry Jones (do you think he was named after Tom Landry) took over for the remainder of the game while Bradford stood on the sidelines, his shoulder wrapped in ice, cheering the Sooners on.

Though Sam did his best to inspire his teammates by screaming at them Tim Tebow style, it just didn’t work. In the end, Max Hall stole the show and delivered a touchdown pass with three minutes remaining to add further fuel to the fire that the Mountain West is the real deal.

Blount Needs to Smoke a Blunt and Chill Out!

September 4, 2009 by SRG  
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As if sucker punching a member of the Boise State football team wasn’t enough to get LeGarrette Blount suspended, he made certain that would happen when he went after the Broncos’ home town fans, Ron Artest style!

Of course the irony is that it all happened on a night that began with a display of sportsmanship when members from both teams (including Blount) met at mid field to shake hands.

Luckily security and coaches held him back from the crowd… but not before irreparable damage had been done to both the University of Oregon’s image, as well as his own. Sadly, the senior was one of the nations top tail backs with legit prospects for a professional career. But now, LeGarrette will likely miss a big part of the 2009 season if he’s not kicked off the team all together. And when it comes to the pros, not many teams in the NFL are looking for players with those type of “Character Issues.”

It is sad, but when it comes right down to it, Blount has no one to blame but himself.

So pack your bags, LeGarrette… ’cause I hear the UFL is looking for players!

Prediction: Bye Week Will Mark Start of Philly QB Controversy

September 3, 2009 by SRG  
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Oh, wait… I think it already started. If not, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to foster a true quarterback controversy. Thursday afternoon, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that Michael Vick would be reinstated in time to play week three. So with an open date on their schedule in Week 4, look for two solid weeks of Philly fans fanning the sports talk radio flames over how much Michael Vick should be playing.

And God forbid Donovan has a bad game early on, Eagles fans will be even more brutal with him than normal.

As much as McNabb may like Mike on a personal level, why would he support the idea of the team taking a chance on him? We all know Donovan is a much better quarterback then Vick… hell, he’s right up there with Payton, Tom and Drew. But after the roller coaster season he had last year (personally, not statistically), why would he want to put himself in that situation? It’s practically begging the people of Philly to pile on.

I guess Donovan thrives on the drama!

Fired Twice in the Same Year! Ouch!

September 3, 2009 by SRG  
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Thursday morning, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Raheem Morris pulled the plug on his Offensive Coordinator, Jeff Jagodzinski after only three preseason games. Incase you forgot, last January Jagodzinski was fired from his previous job, that of Head Football Coach at Boston College. Jags, as he’s commonly known, was dismissed when he interviewed for the New York Jets Head Coaching gig after being told he DID NOT have permission from his current employer. It was an ugly game of chicken played out in the media between Jags and BC Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo.

Now, only eight months later, Jagodzinski has yet again received another pink slip. Well… to be perfectly fair, he wasn’t really fired outright as much as replaced by Quarterbacks Coach Greg Olson. Apparently Jags was offered the chance to fill the open spot of Quarterbacks Coach, but wisely passed, knowing there was no way for him to safe face.

In one of the stranger tidbits to come out from this story is the fact that Jagodzinski, as Offesive Coordinator, didn’t even call his own plays, but deferred to Running Backs Coach Steve Logan. Seems he still thought of himself as the big cheese in some ways.

With Chan Gailey getting the axe earlier in the week and now Jags, makes one wonder who might be the next fall guy.

Suggestions, in the form of comments, are of course always welcome.

Apparently the Rich don’t always get richer!

September 2, 2009 by SRG  
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As if this week wasn’t bad enough for Rich Rodriguez, it just got a lot worse Tuesday night when more details surfaced concerning a real estate deal of his that went bad. On the surface, this may not seem to be much of a story… he’s a high profile figure involved in a real estate lawsuit. Happens all the time, right? After all, Rich Rod has been in the coaching business for years and has made a lot of money. And like most people who make a good living, Rodriguez made investments hoping to make even more money. As the saying goes, that’s how the Rich get richer.

But, according to reports, Rich Rod’s business partner in this deal is not only an accused felon, but also a twice banned booster from the University of Clemson. In case you weren’t aware, Rodriguez was the Offensive Coordinator at Clemson from 1999-2000 before taking over as Head Coach at West Virginia.

As I said, it may not seem like a big deal… especially concerning what Rick Pitino is going through at Louisville. But this is Michigan football, and the Wolverines just had their worst season in 100 plus years. Add to that the costly buyout the University had to pay West Virginia, plus the unfolding scandal over players spending more time on football than the NCAA allows, and you can see how the powers that be at Michigan are likely losing their patience with him.

On Campus: week 1

September 2, 2009 by SRG  
Filed under College Football, Football, SRG's Blog

The College Football season is ready to get underway, and the Sports Report Girl is back with her weekly reports throughout the year. Last year this show was called the “College Football Week in Review,” but this year (due in large part to the down economy and the skyrocketting premium on words) the show will simply be called “On Campus.”

This week, the SRG examines the brewing scandal facing Rich Rodriguez in Ann Arbor, the new payday given to Nick Saban in Alabama, and the true Freshman taking over in Southern Cal.

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