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About | The Sports Report Girl


The Sports Report Girl is the culmination of a lifetime of sitting on the couch, watching sports and screaming at the TV. Here at the SRG, we strive to always speak our minds, no matter how wrong we may be… and to do so with at least a hald-assed attempt at being funny.


Jessica Crown, who covers the NHL, grew up a hockey fan in Southern California cheering on both the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. Never having played hockey herself she sure has a lot to say about the game and its players. An English major in college, Jessica has written for both hockey and baseball publications and splits her time between Los Angeles and Orange County.

Jenna Quilalang (Jenna Q.), who covers the NFL, is a San Francisco Bay Area native now residing in Los Angeles, and is a brazen LA sports team hater. However, she often finds herself at a loss for words when trying to talk trash considering she grew up an Oakland Raider and Golden State Warrior fan. In an era of sports bleakness, she’s learned to express her disdain for other teams (as well as her own) through her writing. And because the Raiders make her clinically depressed, she found a new football idol: stattracker. She follows it religiously.

Dion Rabouin, who covers College Football, is a writer born and bred in Denver, CO. currently residing in LA LA Land. After playing two years of college football, he realized he would never be good enough, and did what any self respecting person would do in that situation… he gave up. Now Dion spends his days penning scornful critiques of those who are large and talented enough to play. He has been watching football since he was six and has covered the game at the high school and college level for two years. He is an unabashed Florida Gator fan, and when push comes to shove, fully admits to being in love with Tim Tebow.

Gabriel Zaldivar, who covers Major League Baseball and the NBA, is a swarthy Mexican born south of the border. By border I of course mean the line breaking Covina and West Covina in California’s beautiful San Gabriel Valley. Being a Cal alum has enabled Gabe to deal with heartache while maintaining very low expectations for his sports teams. An avid enthusiast of comedy and sports, you can catch him many days either watching sports or sleeping in his favorite chair with sports on the television. In addition to writing for the Sport Report Girl, Gabe also maintains his own blog. Check it out at: gabezalsport.blogspot.com/

Questions and unfettered praise? Contact us at TheSportsReportGirl@Gmail.com
Criticisms and hatemail… you can keep to yourselves.
Just kidding. Either way, let us hear from you.

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