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And The Legend Continues To Grow! | The Sports Report Girl

And The Legend Continues To Grow!

October 2, 2009 by Dion Rabouin  
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As Tim Tebow lay motionless on the field in the third quarter of Saturday’s game against Kentucky, the crowd at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, KY, and everyone watching on TV, held their collective breath. The scene – Tebow laying motionless on the field as his teammates attempted to pick his limp body up from the turf – is eerily reminiscent of the iconic “The Death of Superman” comic where Superman is killed by villain Doomsday (if you’re a nerd, you’re no doubt familiar with this comic, if you have a life, however, you’ll want to ask one of your nerd friends about it).

After Tebow was taken off the field, carted to an ambulance, held at the hospital overnight and diagnosed with a concussion, Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer attempted to reassure everyone at the press conference that Tebow was just fine. “He asked me ‘Did I hold onto the ball?’ I told him he did and he winked at me and said ‘It’s great to be a Gator.’”

For starters, Meyer’s story is obviously a boldfaced lie. At that moment, Tim Tebow had no idea he was a Gator, let alone it was a great day to be a Gator. But Meyer didn’t tell this whopper of a lie to reassure voters or boosters or pollsters… he told it to reassure all of us that the mighty Superman was alright and that nothing – not a concussion or a tracheal lobotomy – was going to stop him.

Tim Tebow has become more than a person, he has become a myth. He’s bigger than UF football – hell, he’s bigger than football. This season is about more than winning a National Championship, it’s about anointing the Great One.

In addition to his Heisman trophy and the enormous picture that hangs in front of the athletics complex at the University of Florida, Tebow has already been elected to the school’s hall of fame. His pledge to Gator Nation after the loss to Ole Miss last year is literally etched in stone outside the stadium. He’s spawned no less than three nationally renowned sportswriters from large, legitimate news organizations to devote blogs entirely to him. And he’s inspired national television announcers to literally say, on air, “Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas.” Clearly this is no ordinary man… he has become otherworldly.

It’s as if this were all ordained to further his legend: the hit, the concussion, the ‘great day to be a Gator’ quote, the all-too-convenient bye week for him to recover. For an ordinary man, a mild traumatic brain injury would keep him off the field at least two weeks. But Tim Tebow will play on Saturday, October 10th, against LSU. Because Tim Tebow is not a man, he is Superman, and Superman would never miss a game.

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