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Allen Iverson | The Sports Report Girl

The Answer Has Many Questions About His Future

Allen Iverson’s career may be wrapped up. At 34, his best years are behind him. Age and injury wear down even the best NBA players, but an even more fearsome obstacle stands in Iverson’s way: gambling and drinking.

Various NBA sources say Iverson’s season is over with the 76ers because of this lifestyle choice, one that ruins many people’s lives. Iverson, nicknamed the Answer, has made plenty of money during his career. Casinos will gladly accept cash from people whether it’s from NBA ballers or Joe Average who lives paycheck to paycheck. But not from Iverson, who has been banned from casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City, N.J..

What is someone doing wrong to get banned by a casino? And what about the drinking? Iverson’s hard-partying ways are no secret. Mentally, Iverson must be having a rough time considering he retired once already this season after lackluster play in Memphis.

The Answer still has plenty of game left. Iverson may not recklessly drive to the basket as often, but he is still a speedster and knocks down clutch jumpers. Life is more important and Iverson must get his in order.

Tawana Iverson, Allen’s wife, filed for divorce last week. They have five children and she’s seeking full custody. Iverson’s daughter, Messiah, has an undisclosed illness. These problems, coupled with the gambling and drinking, mean basketball must take a backseat.

Iverson must overcome his demons and retire on his terms. He shouldn’t be forced to retire because he owes the wrong people money or hits the bottle too hard. It would be difficult for the Answer to find another team to take a chance on him.

A player of Iverson’s talent could fit in with contending teams looking for someone who can score or provide leadership. However, that usually means coming off the bench, something that Iverson said he didn’t want to do last year when he was looking for a team to put his talent to use.

Most people will remember Iverson as the fearless player who led the league in scoring four times and took the 76ers to the Finals in 2001. That year Iverson was a dynamo, winning the regular-season MVP as he led the 76ers to an unlikely win in game 1 of the NBA finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, who hadn’t lost a game in the playoffs up until that point.

Hopefully, Iverson will recover from his difficulties and maybe even find a team to take a chance on him to finish out his career. That way the basketball world will remember him as the dynamic ballplayer, not the man who lost control of his life.

Around the Association 1-23-2009

January 23, 2010 by Gabe Zaldivar  
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Proving once again that the general populace can be trusted with not even the slightest of responsibilities, Allen Iverson was voted into the Eastern Conference All-Stars. The NBA did side step embarrassment when Tracy McGrady was finally outpaced in voting. This did not deter the public at large from voting in Iverson as a starter in this year’s festivities. Granted the East is this year’s equivalent of the short yellow bus, but there are more deserving guards in the Association.

Iverson has played a grand total of 19 games. Those 19 games were not grand or spectacular. Allen Iverson is a mediocre player attempting 14 shots a night. What happened to the glory days of chucking up 25-30 a game? Diminished skills are not the only reason he should be watching from home February 14th. Karma should have a say as well. He mentally and physically quit on the Grizzlies forcing them to trade him away. Time and again this type of action gets rewarded in sports. Iverson gets a homecoming to the team that started his career, as well as an undeserved All-Star bid.

Blake Griffin
Blake had successful knee surgery which will keep him resting 4-6 months. He hopes to be back and training by summer. This should give him ample time to get well enough to re-injure himself before the start of the 2010-2011 season.

This week, the lineup for the Slam Dunk contest was finalized. It is by far the worst lineup to date. All participants can dunk with creativity I am sure. But there is not a celebrity amongst them. Nate Robinson will return, again. It was tremendous to see what he did the first and second times around. But I get it now. You’re small. You dunk. Congratulations!

In what reeks of desperation, the NBA will have a dunk off between Eric Gordon and DeMar DeRozan for the final dunk spot. Really, a play-in game for the Dunk Contest. How has the play-in idea worked for the NCAA?

A.I… Always Interesting

December 4, 2009 by Gabe Zaldivar  
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When certain athletes take to the podium they excite well beyond any news conference should. Allen Iverson is one of those athletes. Possibly outdoing his “practice” rant. Allen Iverson openly wept at the prospect of becoming a 76er yet again. He is happy. Philadelphia wants him back. Win-Win, Case closed right?

This might be the case if Iverson were a different person, but he is not. You can be assured; A.I. will take 25 shots a night and completely forget that there is a specific offense in place. He will force one on one situations multiple times a game. The coaching staff will boil and this will only be the start.

Once Lou Williams comes back from a broken jaw, the decision by Eddie Jordan to bench or start Iverson will commence. That is when we will find whether Iverson has truly changed or not.

I haven’t been the biggest Shaquille O’Neal supporter but his recent stint with the Cavs illustrates how the aging athlete should act. He accepts his role as role player to LeBron James. Iverson should realize that his best days are behind him and he should play for team first. It may be something he has never done but it is the only way he stretches this one year contract into another payday. My favorite quote from the day was “I want to retire here.” Well you may have to buddy. No NBA team wants a former All Star that causes headaches instead of producing wins.

Around The Association 12-1-09

December 1, 2009 by SRG  
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Sources reported that the Sixers and Allen Iverson met for two hours on Monday. I’m still not sure what took two hours. Iverson is looking for a starting job and the Sixers are looking for anything to spark life into their 5 and 12 team. This is a no-brainer. Allow Iverson to come back and end his career where it all began and sell a couple more jerseys while they’re at it.


The New Jersey Nets are staring history straight in the face. Their historic march to the worst team in the NBA is well on the way. Their first real test is Wednesday against the formidable Dallas Mavericks. This will be the first test of their ineptitude. A loss Wednesday would clinch the worst start in history at 0-18. After that, all that remains is eight. That is how many wins they must finish with to clinch the worst overall season, surpassing the 9-73, 1972-73 76ers. Their magic number is 57.


Rumor has it that GM Kiki Vandeweghe will take over the head coaching job for the New Jersey Nets. Del Harris will be a coach alongside Vandeweghe who has limited bench experience. This begs the question, why not just have Del Harris as the head coach. It makes it a lot easier to fire the head coach when he is not also the general manager. The Nets should take this lesson from the Knicks during the less than desirable Isaiah Thomas era.

Wallace Fined

While it is not news when Rasheed Wallace gets a tech, it may be news when I out and out agree with him. Wallace received a fine for his “verbal abuse” of referees after the Toronto game on Friday night. His frustration with flopping and ticky-tack fouls happens to also be the annoyance of all that watch NBA games. The NBA needs to allow for a tad more emotion than is allowed. You have grown men playing a physical sport. Things are meant to get heated. That’s when the sport is at its best. Officials are too quick with the whistles. Sadly, I don’t see a revolution starting with a Rasheed Wallace sound bite.

Around the Association 11/18/09

November 18, 2009 by Gabe Zaldivar  
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This is officially the week for whiners. Both Stephen Jackson and Allen Iverson got what they wanted. Is this working for any of you out there? Are you getting promoted or moved to better quarters by pissing your boss off? In this economy I’m scared to take a bathroom break. But it works in the NBA… after all, it is the league of Divas.

Stephen Jackson
He hates the Warriors, the team that treated him so bad they made him a millionaire many times over. I guess it was the fact that he wanted to win so badly. It could also be that coach Don Nelson is renowned to do things his own way and demand his players to do so as well. He is the coach, so I guess that makes a little sense. Some players just don’t like accountability. I hope Mr. Jackson enjoys the friendly confines of Charlotte. Going from a 3-6 team to a 3-7 team should do wonders for his morale.

Allen Iverson
Iverson used to be one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA. This was enough to make him an annual All-Star. Sadly his best days are well past him. You need only look to the Denver Nuggets for proof. They went from a very good team to a genuine contender with the simple swap of an aging Iverson for an aging Chauncey Billups. Unhappy with his role as backup, Iverson used the only bargaining chip he had. He made times rough in Memphis. Losing the only value the Grizzlies desired from Iverson, a wise guard that could mold the young Grizzlies backcourt, they decided to let him go. Iverson has to hope he can find his way onto a team that is only interested in selling tickets, not in winning. New York Knicks, please pick up the white courtesy telephone…

The Lakers are done. They have no depth. Kobe is hurt and so is Pau Gasol. The sky is falling. Ah, the NBA pundits are in panic mode. The Lakers do rather stink right now but we are ten games into the 2009-2010 season. Many are forgetting that the Los Angeles Lakers are the same exact team as last year with the addition of defensive stopper Ron Artest. They are about to get back Gasol and move potential All-Star Lamar Odom to the bench. A team with three to four All-Stars is deep enough. I have a feeling Phil Jackson will right this ship shortly.

Around The Association 11-10-09

November 10, 2009 by Gabe Zaldivar  
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Iverson is acting up, the Clippers and Knicks are horrible, and Stephen Jackson is pouting. Things are pretty normal in the NBA this week.

One thing we can count on this season is that pundits, commentators, announcers, and Craig Sager will all hit us over the head with the fact that the 2010 class of free agents is the greatest class of all freaking time. One free agent in particular will be under a microscope. LeBron James will be dissected for any hints of his intentions to flee Cleveland.

This past weekend, King James claimed that he will choose his next team based on their chance of winning. I would think this would preclude the Knicks from the discussion but you never know. Sure they will have the cap space for a generous offer but there are no guarantees that any supporting cast would like to join LeBron in one of the two worst teams in the NBA.

This brings me to the end all be all of horrible franchises. The Clippers started off the season with evidence that god does not like them. This came in the form of injury to their latest first round pick Blake Griffin. Things looked promising when they were able to cap off three consecutive wins. That all came to a halt on Monday night when they were pummeled, at home, to the Hornets, by 28 points. On paper the Clippers look like a seven or eight seed. But it’s hard to win when you are pre-ordained to be miserable by a higher power.

Stephen Jackson
In his latest effort to get traded, Stephen Jackson’s agent Mark Stevens made public attacks on Warriors head coach Don Nelson and questioned his trustworthiness. It seems that Jackson has had about enough of the Warriors and really wants to leave. He probably could have helped himself out by not signing a three year $28 million contract. If things have gone south, the best way to get what you want is not to scream and shout like…wait, no that is precisely how you get what you want in the NBA. Look for Jackson to be traded shortly.

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