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Back To The Future | The Sports Report Girl

Back To The (NBA Finals) Future

The Boston Celtics have gone back in time. Two years to be exact. Somehow, two players — power forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis and point guard Nate Robinson — have got a hold of plutonium and used it to power “Doc” Brown’s DeLorean.

Rather than going to the future and buying a sports almanac like Biff, these two have gone to the past and witnessed what it takes to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals.

What they saw was a perfect formula; somehow, they have recreated the circumstances of 2008 by getting back to the future without the use of lightning or the speed of a train. Former Celtics P.J. Brown and James Posey killed the Lakers off the bench.

The DeLorean doesn’t have enough room for four large NBA players (well, Robinson’s only 5-foot-8) so Big Baby and the three-time Slam Dunk Contest champion came back by themselves. And they have recreated Brown and Posey’s play.

In 2008 Brown banged bodies, grabbed rebounds and scored in the paint. Big Baby has done the same thing and stomped the Lakers in the Celtics’ 96-89 game four victory. He scored 18 points on seven for 10 shooting.

Posey nailed three pointers and provided a great spark off the bench. Robinson doesn’t play the same type of lockdown defense, but his spark is just as lively. His drives to the basket and accurate outside shooting helped the C’s pull away from a close game. He scored 12 points in game four.

Somehow, Boston received the good fortune of not having to contend with the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum. The seven-footer played only 12 minutes and none in the fourth quarter. Without his presence, the C’s attacked the basket and all of a sudden the Lakers were dangerously thin up front.

What will happen in game five? The winner will be in the driver’s seat to clinch the series with a three-games-to-two lead.

Unless the Celtics luck out with some more plutonium, it is unlikely they’ll get 30 points off the bench from only two players. At this point, only “Doc” Brown (and maybe Marty McFly) knows. He could go to the future, check out the game five results and let everybody know.

Does Andrew Bynum bounce back and play? Does Paul Pierce finally come through in the clutch? Do any other Lakers help out Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol? Does Celtics coach Doc Rivers have any more complaints about the officiating?

Then again, Biff knows too because of that sports almanac, but he’s probably too busy to divulge secrets. Good luck, Biff. Even with that almanac this series has been so competitive, it wouldn’t be a surprise if those pages were wrong.

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