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Redskins Fire Jim Zorn, Return His Balls

January 5, 2010 by SRG  
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Months after suffering a public emasculation, Jim Zorn was fired on what is commonly known around the NFL as Black Monday. And through no one would have blamed him if her weren’t, Zorn remained a good soldier to the very end.
Poor guy…

Don’t Mess with God’s Holy Saints

December 11, 2009 by Jenna Q.  
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I personally think the Saints are blessed by whatever Supreme Being is out there. Or, Sean Payton and Drew Brees made some sort of innocuous deal with the devil. Either way, it seems the New Orleans Saints are destined to be Super Bowl Champions. It couldn’t be any more evident than what was showcased this weekend in their game versus Washington.

You remember that movie Angels in the Outfield? Well, that’s exactly what the game resembled. It was as if angels were literally guiding the ball from Drew Brees’ hand into Marques Colston’s outstretched arms. Once the Redskins’ defense back intercepted the pass, you could almost see another angel knocking him down allowing Robert Meachem to strip the ball and run in for a TD. And the especially naughty angel intentionally pushed Suisham’s field goal attempt away from the goal post with the utmost ease.

Or you can look at it from the complete opposite perspective, which is, that the Washington Redskins are just destined for ultimate suckage. It doesn’t help that they have the Al Davis of the east coast, Dan Snyder, unintentionally destroying the once proud franchise.

Poor Jim Zorn looks lost on the sidelines. I actually feel somewhat bad every time the camera pans over him. I mean, since he was relieved from his play calling duties, what exactly does this guy do now? He could probably take a nap on the bench if he really wanted to. I’m surprised he hasn’t, at the very least, pondered it considering Washington’s snooze-fest of an offense. And please don’t give me some PC bull saying, “He’s still the head coach. He’s there to inspire and motivate.” Uh…yeah…ok, the Washington Redskins are an “inspired” football team because of Head Coach Jim Zorn. You’ll have a harder time convincing me of that than Tiger does of convincing his wife that he loves her, and he’s not a “lion cheetah” (ZING! Too soon???).

For what it’s worth, much credit goes to the Redskins for giving the Saints their most competitive game yet, next to Miami. But, as noted, when you have the blessed Saints versus your hellacious franchise, you’re almost guaranteed God will get his way. He always does.

Washington’s Lame Duck Coach

October 21, 2009 by SRG  
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Poor Jim Zorn, lost in NFL purgatory.

Not really a head coach, not really not-a-head-coach.

He’ll still get the blame with every Redskins loss, but he may have to share the victory when if the Redskins win.

The ownership in Washington has brought in former offensive coordinator Sherman Lewis (formerly of the Packers, Vikings and Lions), at first as special advisor, but now as offensive player-caller.

Perhaps it’s fitting that this is all happening in Washington, D.C. They’re used to lame duck presidents, how much different is it for a lame duck coach. But what is Redskins owner Dan Snyder trying to say? I still believe my coach can lead this team, I just don’t want him in a hands-on role.

And what is Snyder trying to do? This situation is way worse than a quarterback controversy, it’s a coaching controversy. Is Snyder gonna pull one of his coaches during the middle of a bad game? Or maybe he plans to switch them out and use one for certain situations like a coaching wildcat formation.

Either way, it’s flat out embarrassing and Snyder should just go ahead and fire Zorn already. And if Zorn had any self-respect he would take this insult as disrespect and just quit already.

However, with the economy the way it is, I think Zorn’s decision to take his lumps may be the best play he’s called all season.

If Only Daniel Snyder Would Fire Himself!

October 21, 2009 by SRG  
Filed under Random Thoughts, SRG's Blog

A shocking revelation comes to the Sports Report Girl while taking one of her many cat naps.

Jim Zorn Can’t Be Fired!

October 19, 2009 by SRG  
Filed under Random Thoughts, SRG's Blog

I stayed up all night trying to figure this one out…
Of course it was before he got removed of his play calling duties, so you know… take it for what it’s worth.

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