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Love Is In The Air On Twitter

October 11, 2009 by Jenna Q.  
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The other night on Twitter, I stumbled upon an interesting conversation between Chad OchoCinco and Larry Fitzgerald. Basically, OchoCinco, one of the most followed athletes on Twitter, was politely asked by Fitzgerald for a little shout out to help get his own follow count up.

Fitz: @OGOchoCinco hey mr-i have a quarter million followers, can i get a shout out every now & than from u 2 get my following up geeez? Lol

Prior to last night, Fitzgerald had a humble 91,000+. *Note: Fitz’s tweet might be a little unclear. He’s not saying that he has a quarter million followers; he’s calling OchoCinco Mr. “I Have a Quarter Million Followers.”

OchoCinco replied with…and get ready for it:

OC: all my followers follow the best reciever in the game, my homeboy @Lfitzgerald11

I know, right? He was later @replied with a bunch of his followers saying “Whoa! OchoCinco actually said someone was better than him!” to which the outspoken player then tweeted back:

OC: Yeah Larry Fitzgerald is better than me, he’s done something I’ve yet to accomplish! He took his team to the playoffs and super bowl!!!!!

And the lovefest continued…

Fitz: Thanks @OGOchoCinco i dont know about the best man,im just tryin 2 keep gettin better.but ill take the extra followers.mcdonalds on me lol!

OC: @Lfitzgerald11 bruh you know how greatness is measured in this league, numbers, wins and rings, I only got one of the three and that’s #’s

Fitz: @OGOchoCinco thanks man thats a big statement from some1 wit as much talent as u have

I got a kick out of following this conversation, not only because it’s fascinating to read the rapport between players, but also because of the responses from their followers including tweets like “Fitzgerald and OchoCinco got a Bromance,” “Are you guys going to kiss now?” and “You guys need to get a room.”

All in all, Fitzgerald’s attempts to get his count up worked. He now has over 98,000 followers.

Oh, the wonders of Twitter…

I Feel Your Fantasy Pain!

October 1, 2009 by Jenna Q.  
Filed under Football, NFL Football, SRG's Blog

Is Steve Smith past his glory days or is Jake Delhomme a sad excuse for a quarterback?

Is Randy Moss not trying or is Tom Brady not fully 100%?

Is Larry Fitzgerald overrated or is Kurt Warner an old man?

Whatever the case, all I know is that if someone were to tell me that 3 weeks into the season, the combined touchdowns for three of the top receivers in the league the past few years is 2 (both from Fitzgerald), I would think you’re more senile than Al Davis (but then again, I am a Raider fan. I highly doubt you’re more senile than good ol’ Al).

Granted, there’s still a hell of a lot more games left, and all these guys are getting double and sometimes triple teamed on coverage — understandable. But they’ve had outstanding seasons before, even when they were already established bona fide superstars….so what makes this season any different?

I mean, there’s a lot of differences this season. Firstly, we’re welcomed with a whopping 12 new head coaches. Then, the Cincinnati Bung–ahem–Bengals are 2-1 having beaten two Super Bowl favorites, the Packers and Steelers (in all reality, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they really should be 3-0 had it not been for the NFL gods wanting to keep them cursed for one more week against Denver), and finally…FINALLY, the Lions got a win. EUREKA!

So, I get it. The NFL changes from year to year. It couldn’t be more obvious this year. But what blows my mind is that Steve Smith, who was my first pick in my fantasy draft, has less points than Pierre Garcon. WHO!? you ask? No, that’s not a hockey player. He’s a wideout for the Colts, and yes, he has two more touchdowns than the perennial pro bowler.

If you were to tell me that Randy Moss, the same player who had 23 touchdown receptions in 2007 from the same exact quarterback, is now touchdown-less to begin 2009?

If you were to tell me that Larry Fitzgerald, the player who had a monster post-season earlier this year leading the constantly downtrodden Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl only to come mere minutes away from a world championship is now seeing his effectiveness waning as his quarterback is slowly (rapidly?) deteriorating?

If you told me any of the aforementioned, I would dismiss you as a n00b who has no football knowledge whatsoever, and I would encourage you to quit your fantasy leagues while you’re at it.

Age is certainly not too much of an issue (Moss is the oldest at 32), nor are injuries, to a certain extent. So, according to my scouting report, I’m inclined to believe these three wide receivers still have some juice left in their game. I think it only leads to one thing: the answer my questions posed at the beginning, and I shall articulate in the most eloquent fashion…

Delhomme sucks, Brady is still hurt, and Warner — is old.

***And here’s my bold advice for the day: Drop all of them from your fantasy team. Yes, even Brady (but then again, why listen to me? I’m 0-3 to start the season.)

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