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Midseason Trade Evaluations

November 7, 2009 by Jenna Q.  
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It’s midseason, and as always, it’s time for some legit evaluations. In this NFL off season, there was some big movement, and if I so had the opportunity/guts to talk to these players, this is what I would say to (some of) them.

Jay Cutler (DEN to CHI) – “You did your darndest to create the 1st big soap opera of the off season. Your coach left, and because the new cat in town wanted to replace you for leading that epic meltdown last season, you decided to whine about it. Well, crybabies tend to get their way just to shut them up, and thus you got traded to the Bears. While your current team will fail to make the playoffs, the team you bitched about is on their way to a division crown. Bet you wish you shut your mouth now, huh?”

Albert Haynesworth (TEN to WAS) – “I gotta give you credit, big fella’. You left a really crappy team, for a less crappy team. However, your game play has failed to follow suit. It’s unfair for me to judge you, though, because you’ve been injured. Fine, I’ll get off your back. Let me just say your QB is pretty horrible and your coaching staff is almost as dysfunctional as the Raiders…almost.”

Tony Gonzales (KC to ATL) – “Congratulations for leaving that ticking time bomb in Kansas City while you had the chance. I actually believe your role has increased with Matty Ice throwing you bombs. However, your window of opportunity is closing. Age is not on your side, and it doesn’t help that your division rival are the Saints, who are on cruise control right now.”

Michael Vick (ATL to PHI) Note: I was tempted to write “JAIL to PHI”, but even I think that’s in bad taste. “Do you even remember what a touchdown is? I mean, it’s been how many years since you’ve been out of football? 14? Oh, only 3 years? I don’t even remember you playing. What are you? A RB? A WR? I sure don’t remember you throwing the ball that much. If you played some minutes, you might jog my memory. Too bad you’re stuck on the bench. Since you have so much free time, please, stay away from dogs.”

Terrell Owens (DAL to BUF) – “So…how’s that VH1 show comin’ along?”

Brett Favre (NYJ to MIN) – “How much did it sting to hear boos in Lambeau? In my eyes, you’re still a traitor. Here’s to you getting to the Super Bowl and losing to the Colts, and then retiring again, only to un-retire and play for the Lions. You’re such a drama queen. Aaron Rodgers for President!”

Consider me one of those loudmouth sports fans with more bark than bite, but then again, being a 5’5, petite girl, I highly doubt I’d have the courage to say any of this to 6’5, 270+ lbs men. First I’d need a drink or two…or three.

Prediction: Bye Week Will Mark Start of Philly QB Controversy

September 3, 2009 by SRG  
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Oh, wait… I think it already started. If not, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to foster a true quarterback controversy. Thursday afternoon, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that Michael Vick would be reinstated in time to play week three. So with an open date on their schedule in Week 4, look for two solid weeks of Philly fans fanning the sports talk radio flames over how much Michael Vick should be playing.

And God forbid Donovan has a bad game early on, Eagles fans will be even more brutal with him than normal.

As much as McNabb may like Mike on a personal level, why would he support the idea of the team taking a chance on him? We all know Donovan is a much better quarterback then Vick… hell, he’s right up there with Payton, Tom and Drew. But after the roller coaster season he had last year (personally, not statistically), why would he want to put himself in that situation? It’s practically begging the people of Philly to pile on.

I guess Donovan thrives on the drama!

The Next Top Selling Jersey in the NFL!

August 14, 2009 by SRG  
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I think I’m still a bit shell shocked to hear the news that Michael Vick ended up in Philly. The Eagles were never one of the teams pundits like Jay Glazer and Chris Mortensen talked about as being realistic possibilities. After all, Donovan was finally a happy camper, so why do anything now to disrupt that harmony with the season looming just a few weeks away?

Well, as it turns out, Donovan himself was lobbying behind the scenes for the organization to sign Vick all along. And when you think about it, it makes quiet a bit of sense. Donovan has wanted the Eagles to step up and bring in some serious weapons for him to work with. Well, Vick may not have been the receiver he was hoping for, but a weapon he is none the less.
Most impressive of all was Andy Reid. It was only 2 days ago that he was sitting on that ESPN tour bus, playing possum with Chris Mortensen, saying Vick deserved a second chance while acting like he really wanted nothing to do with him at all. Thankfully, Reid is skilled in the art of bluffing.

Ahhhh…. I can see it now, both McNabb and Vick in the same back field, at the same time… and both are standing in the shotgun! As a defense, what are you supposed to do? Oh, my chops are starting to get wet just thinking about my keeper league team where I have Donovan as my starting QB.

Random Thoughts: 6-25-09

June 27, 2009 by SRG  
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