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Is Tiger Too Tainted Even For Nike?

December 14, 2009 by SRG  
Filed under Other Sports, SRG's Blog

First Tiger Woods decided he would take an indefinate leave from the PGA Tour…
The next day, Gillette put his ad campaign on hold…
And the day after that, Accenture dropped him all together.
Is the sky falling for Tiger Woods?
Can Nike really stand by his side as he sticks his head in the sand?

NIKE should release the tape… JUST DO IT!!!

July 9, 2009 by SRG  
Filed under Basketball, NBA Basketball, SRG's Blog

Dont you go showin me gettin dunked on!

Don't you go showin' me gettin' dunked on!

With a clap of his hands and a cloud of chalk exploding over his head, the King decreed “Thou shalt no dunk on me and have it viewed by millions on YouTube!”

By now we’ve all heard the story… Nike showcases one of their top pitchmen by putting on the Lebron James Skills Camp in his hometown of Akron, OH. It’s a camp that features some of the top basketball prospects from around the country… prospects that are supposed to learn from the great King James… not upstage him. But that’s exactly what happened in a pick up game when Xavier’s Jordan Crawford drove from the right wing and dunked over Lebron’s head. And, as you also know, the footage of that event will never see the light of day because Nike confiscated the only two tapes in existance… after conferring with Lebron, of course!

A spokesperson for the shoe company claims they have a long standing policy to never allow the pick up games from such camps to be taped. Why that’s the case, no one has made clear. But to anyone with a brain, the answer is simple… they’re protecting their investment. Nike doesn’t want their customers to see their hero made to look like a punk… especially when the one doing the punking is wearing (Gasp) Adidas!

Whether that part is true or not, we’ll never know. But Lebron would be well served to come out and meet this growing controversy head on. Because as it stands now, he looks like a petulant (sorry for the big word) child on the verge of throwing a tantrum… you know, like he did after losing the Eastern Conference Finals when he refused to address the media and left his teammates to handle all the dirty work.

Then again, maybe Nike is playing it smart. Maybe we’ll finally see the footage in one of those Lebron and Kobe Muppet commercials. I can see it now… muppet Kobe and the muppet kid from down the hall are laughing at the video of Lebron getting dunked on by Crawford. And then a muppet Shaq comes out to protect his new teammate from the mean bullies.

Oh Nike… if ever you would head your own advice, now is the time… Show the tape in a new muppet commercial!


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