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Who You Gonna Blame If Mayweather Pacquiao Doesnt Happen?

May 3, 2010 by SRG  
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The Mayweather/Mosley fight last Saturday night turned out to be a total let down. The hype and promotion was top notch, but after the second round, the outcome was never really in doubt. From a business perspective, it was a smashing success. From the fans perspective, it sucked.

Naturally one would think a Super Fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao should be next, but something tells me neither side will be willing to budge when it comes to drug tests.

Pacquiao claims random blood testing within 24 days of the fight will give Mayweather an edge. Not sure why he thinks that, but Floyd isnt likely to budge. And after the success of the Mosley fight, I dont think he should. If Pacquiao really wants the fight, he should accept the random tests. But I dont expect that to happen anytime soon.

The Road To Pacquiao

October 8, 2009 by AC  
Filed under Boxing/MMA, SRG's Blog

Mayweather’s last bout with Marquez was a clinic. Against all the talk of ring rust, and weight, Mayweather made it rain once again in September. His unparalleled speed, skill and natural talent reduced a good fighter to an average one.

According to Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach, “Floyd needs us- we don’t need him.”

Roach, among his many skills, can foresee the outcome of fights that involve his favorite fighter. Polite manners aside, Roach predicted a knock out on Hatton when the majority believed his boy would go down. If the Mayweather fight happens, the forecast will be hazy. Even for Roach. This is the one guy that may stop Pacquiao’s brilliant reign as a pound for pound favorite.

For many fight fans, we love to hate Mayweather. He’s branded himself as the villain of the sport. It’s not the fact that he backs it up, but underneath the bravado he has heart. As much as Vegas fans booed him for dominating Marquez, most fans like myself, smiled at the outcome. He has yet to partner up with Golden Boy Promotions or Bob Arum. The fact that he held on this long without selling out is very rare in a sport that buys fighters faster than a slot machine in a Reno tourist convention. Besides his storied family history and his cockiness, he’s charming.

Pacquiao is another fighter that has yet to sell out to the mega promoters and may be the most likeable guy in boxing in decades. His humility and honesty touches people. It would be an eyesore to watch him being beaten to the punch. Unlikely, when you remember his last few fights, dismantling a faded Oscar De La Hoya and shutting down the tough Brit from Manchester, Ricky Hatton… But nonetheless, “Money” Mayweather will close the show because….will because, bottom line he always has. Period. Pacquiao’s past legacy of knocking off the best Mexican fighters doesn’t apply to the elusive Mayweather. Although, his speed and footwork, with Freddie Roach in his ear has evolved with every fight, it’s no match for Mayweather’s hand speed and blinding combinations and a newly discovered left jab. Here’s the thing, even with a year and a half of ‘retirement’ he’s smarter.

Speed vs. Speed. Mayweather is two inches taller and with a reach advantage of five inches it’s no contest. It will come down to who has more talent.

It won’t be easy and there is always the chance that Pacquiao will do the unthinkable and administer the first loss to Mayweather. But there’s also a chance I will win the lotto.

Whatever goes down that night, make no mistake, there will be a rematch.

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