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The King Speaks

August 8, 2009 by SRG  
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Remember a few years ago, when Dennis Green held his now infamous press conference? You remember, don’t you? The Cardinals lost to the Bears in a truly rediculous fashion… one in which they lead for almost the entire game before folding in the last minutes like a house of cards (pun intended) .

The great thing about that game wasn’t even the game itself, but rather “the post game.” That’s when Denny was asked a seemingly innocent question about his team’s performance. It came on slowly at first, but rapidly gathered speed. Before we knew what hit us, Green was screaming that the Bears were who they thought they were, how they let ‘em off the hook, and, if we wanted to crown them, then we could go right ahead and crown their asses! With that, he smashed the podium, glared at the press for a moment, then stormed off to join Jim Mora, Mike Gundy and Terrell Owens in the Pantheon of Greatest Press Conference Melt Downs EVER!

That slow build is happening all over again. Only this time it isn’t Dennis Green that’s ready to explode, but instead the overall public perception of Lebron James. It was only a couple months ago that everyone loved Lebron… his muppet commercials were constantly on TV, he and his teammates were posing for imaginary cameras, the Olympic Gold Medal, sick highlights every night… the list goes on.

But it was a red flag when he failed to shake hands and face the media after getting bounced by Orlando. Then came the way he handled Tape-Gate. Now, nearly a month later, he finally speaks out… when it’s time to go on a press tour to promote his new shoe. Lebron claims he never told the Nike execs to confiscate the tapes, that he feels bad about blowing off the media (but still wouldn’t shake hands after losing), and best of all, announces there is really no way in hell he’s gonna sign the contract extension recently offered to him by the Cavs.

Now I understand the business side of things… why sign an extension before seeing what else is out there? That makes sense, right? Thing is, Cleveland can offer him more money then anyone else. Since that’s the case, and he knows it, his unwillingness to sign simply means he’s buying time before moving on to greener pastures.

To me, Lebron is coming more into focus with every move he makes. He’s no longer the lovable and affable guy we had hoped, but the calculating and ego driven maniac we had feared. In a spin on Coach Green’s theme, he is who we didn’t want to think he was. Which is fine.

I just hope we don’t let him off the hook!

Locked Down and Loaded!

August 3, 2009 by SRG  
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Locked Down and Loaded

Let's get this party started!

No surprise here… disgraced star receiver Plaxico Burress was indicted Monday afternoon! The New York Grand Jury, which heard testimony in the case last week, handed down three indictments in all… 2 for illegal weapons possession and one for reckless endangerment.

In a bold move, Burress himself testified before the Grand Jury, offering an apology he hoped would compel members of the jury to go easy on him. But with both the Lead Prosecutor and Mayor calling for blood in the media, there was little else they could do but throw the book at him.

Plax’s situation is now much more dire. After refusing to accept a plea deal that called for at least two years of jail time (and likely would have been shortened to a matter of months), Burress will go to trial with a mandatory three and half year sentence staring him in the face… a likely scenario considering Dummy shot himself in the leg with his own gun!

Even if he were to beat the system, his football career is probably over. No team has shown an interest in signing him, primarily due to the fact NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to determine what, if any, punishment he will receive from the League. And since Goodell has proven himself to be the League’s version of Judge Dread, you know there will be a price to pay. My guess is a minimum of 8 games, possibly even an entire year. When you add that to the fact Burress is turning 32 on the 12th of August, you can see why the odds aren’t in his favor of getting back to the grid iron anytime ever.

That of course is the best case scenario, one in which he beats the charges and avoids prison all together. In the worst case, Burress will likely spend a portion of his life behind bars, all for accidentally shooting himself. Burress endangered everyone in that club, but ultimately, he only hurt himself. It’s not that I condone what Plax did, not by a long shot (pun intended), but I also don’t think the guy should be incarcerated longer then both Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth put together. After all, it’s not like he killed anyone… other then his career!

Plaxs would be gun permit

Plax's "would be" gun permit

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