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Around The Association 2-17-10

February 17, 2010 by Gabe Zaldivar  
Filed under Basketball, NBA Basketball, SRG's Blog

Well, we are sneaking up to trade deadline time. This usually means a great deal of rumors with most, if not all, never panning out. Some years the trade-deadline-buzz flat out fails to deliver. It is following that same path this year. While talk of Amare to Cleveland or Ray Allen being exiled abound, we are left with some lack luster news. The Clippers got rid of Marcus Camby for Scott Blake and Travis Outlaw.

While the trade does get the Blazers a Center that isn’t currently in crutches or naked on the internet, it doesn’t lift them into the playoff picture at all. From the Clippers standpoint… Wow, did you see that..? I actually stopped caring mid-sentence there.

Meanwhile, some teams are on the hot seat to make a trade. Boston is going through some growing pains. They seem to be a bit old or too dysfunctional to challenge for the title as currently designed. I guess things look that way when you lose half time leads to the lowly Hornets. They remind me of Carrie Fisher in When Harry Met Sally… You could see the inevitable aging happen on screen, right before your eyes. And so it is with the Celtics. With every game, they look more and more like a middle-aged white woman.

Hot Stove League Updates 12-10-09

December 10, 2009 by Gabe Zaldivar  
Filed under Baseball, MLB, SRG's Blog

Roy Halladay
Winter meetings continue with absolutely no information as to where and to whom Doc Halladay will go. He is like that really hot girl that everyone wants to take to prom. But she is waiting to see what car the boys are driving before she chooses a date.

The Yankees take a step closer to repeating. Some are saying that it’s a bad trade with Granderson’s plummeting OPS. My take is he is as good as or better than Johnny Damon. The Yankees will be fine. Also, if he doesn’t work out, they will just buy someone who will.

Angeles Lose
Success for Mike Scioscia’s Angels has always been predicated on their ability to get on base and steal. Chone Figgins was the catalyst to that. Anyone they can muster to take his place will be a significant downgrade.

Wolf Pack
Randy Wolf will move once again from the friendly confines of Dodger stadium. The Brewers get a quality starter that will eat innings. Watching Dodger games all year I am particularly aware of what Wolf brings to the table. Brewer fans will enjoy two to three runs being given up in the first three innings. This will be followed by lights out artistry that will have you questions who the guy pitching the first three innings was.

Rangers Deal
The Texas Rangers have just made one of the smarter moves this off-season. By saving money on a trade of Kevin Millwood, they were able to sign under-achieving Rich Harden to a one year deal. Harden has tremendous upside when healthy. He probably could have squeezed a three year deal from somewhere. But unless your name is Hank Blalock, no one wants to be a Ranger for more than a season.

Atkins Diet
It seems the Colorado Rockies are having a wee bit of difficulty trading their very expensive 3rd baseman. It seems there is no market for Garrett Atkins, a power hitting 3rd baseman that has trouble um, hitting.

Midseason Trade Evaluations

November 7, 2009 by Jenna Q.  
Filed under Football, NFL Football, SRG's Blog

It’s midseason, and as always, it’s time for some legit evaluations. In this NFL off season, there was some big movement, and if I so had the opportunity/guts to talk to these players, this is what I would say to (some of) them.

Jay Cutler (DEN to CHI) – “You did your darndest to create the 1st big soap opera of the off season. Your coach left, and because the new cat in town wanted to replace you for leading that epic meltdown last season, you decided to whine about it. Well, crybabies tend to get their way just to shut them up, and thus you got traded to the Bears. While your current team will fail to make the playoffs, the team you bitched about is on their way to a division crown. Bet you wish you shut your mouth now, huh?”

Albert Haynesworth (TEN to WAS) – “I gotta give you credit, big fella’. You left a really crappy team, for a less crappy team. However, your game play has failed to follow suit. It’s unfair for me to judge you, though, because you’ve been injured. Fine, I’ll get off your back. Let me just say your QB is pretty horrible and your coaching staff is almost as dysfunctional as the Raiders…almost.”

Tony Gonzales (KC to ATL) – “Congratulations for leaving that ticking time bomb in Kansas City while you had the chance. I actually believe your role has increased with Matty Ice throwing you bombs. However, your window of opportunity is closing. Age is not on your side, and it doesn’t help that your division rival are the Saints, who are on cruise control right now.”

Michael Vick (ATL to PHI) Note: I was tempted to write “JAIL to PHI”, but even I think that’s in bad taste. “Do you even remember what a touchdown is? I mean, it’s been how many years since you’ve been out of football? 14? Oh, only 3 years? I don’t even remember you playing. What are you? A RB? A WR? I sure don’t remember you throwing the ball that much. If you played some minutes, you might jog my memory. Too bad you’re stuck on the bench. Since you have so much free time, please, stay away from dogs.”

Terrell Owens (DAL to BUF) – “So…how’s that VH1 show comin’ along?”

Brett Favre (NYJ to MIN) – “How much did it sting to hear boos in Lambeau? In my eyes, you’re still a traitor. Here’s to you getting to the Super Bowl and losing to the Colts, and then retiring again, only to un-retire and play for the Lions. You’re such a drama queen. Aaron Rodgers for President!”

Consider me one of those loudmouth sports fans with more bark than bite, but then again, being a 5’5, petite girl, I highly doubt I’d have the courage to say any of this to 6’5, 270+ lbs men. First I’d need a drink or two…or three.

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