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The Best Game Ever! | The Sports Report Girl

The Best Game Ever!

October 29, 2009 by Jenna Q.  
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Be ready for it – the NFL hype machine is back again. This Sunday, Nov. 1st, Brett Favre and the Vikes make the long awaited trip to Lambeau Field. The game in Minnesota was hyped and covered so much I wanted to break my new flat screen television. But then I learned there is such thing as an OFF button on the remote…oh and that there is also this place that people with real lives frequent from time-to-time – it’s called “the outdoors.”

But this next game at Lambeau? In Green Bay? Are you kidding me!? I’m JUICED for it. This match, not the previous one, is the game that everyone should have been marking on their calendars. It’s now my time to contribute to the hype: THIS IS THE GAME OF THE CENTURY!

You have, arguably, the greatest quarterback of all time stepping back onto the legendary field where he made miracles happen and brought joy to the tiny (by NFL standards) town of Green Bay, Wisconsin. But the greatest quarterback of all time is no longer the leader of the pack; he’s now the new leader of the Packers’ decades long division rival, the rejuvenated Minnesota Vikings. CAN YOU SAY DRAMA!?

How are the ever-so-classy Green Bay fans going to react when their one-time hero, the one guy they embraced for 16 long years, is on the field playing for the opposing team? Will they boo him? Or will they cheer for him? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!

Then, you have Favre’s talented one-time understudy, Aaron Rodgers, now leading the green and gold into the game with a 4-2 record. He lost on his first try against his godly, predecessor…how will he fair on his home turf? Will he emerge victorious or will the great one, once again, prove that he still owns Lambeau? SUNDAY CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH!

You’d think this kind of storyline can only be found in a Hollywood movie, but here we have a real-life soap opera! This ain’t no balloon-boy hoax, folks…this is the real deal! The most exciting thing to ever happen in our lifetime! You don’t want to miss the big showdown between the most amazing football player ever and his former team – for the second time! Brett Favre at Lambeau is this season’s Superbowl! Forget Superbowl…this is the ULTIMATE BOWL! THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!

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