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The Ochocinco Show | The Sports Report Girl

The Ochocinco Show

December 10, 2009 by Jenna Q.  
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Chad Ochocinco needs his own television show, but not just a television show that documents his life, which I’m sure is hilarious. He needs a cheesy, cheap, trashy VH1 show (only it won’t be cheesy, cheap, and trashy). At the very least, he deserves a documentary film chronicling his thought process when it comes to planning a touchdown celebration.

Love him or hate him, Ochocinco has gone far beyond the typical end zone dance and has rather opted for interesting, innovative, and original celebrations that not only land on SportsCenter highlights, but also land him in deep you-know-what with the league. His latest stunt involved putting on a sombrero and a creepy, strange, albeit quite practical snuggie on the sidelines, which cost him a mind-blowing $20,000 from the commish. But knowing Chad’s previous history, you know damn well he was completely aware he was going to receive the fine. In fact, in a tweet to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Ochocinco even said “what I’ve planned for today will get me fined when I score but it’s so worth it.” I mean, seriously, $30,000 ain’t no pocket change, but he’s so intent on entertaining the crowd, he’s willing to shell it out.

Now think about it, how intriguing would it be to see how this guy plans out these celebrations? Does he have a checklist? Is there a closet full of props that he chooses from? Is there a manual on “How to Create the Most Ridiculous Touchdown Celebrations?” Who, in their right mind, would ever think “So today, I’m going to whip out a sombrero and a snuggie after I score”? Apparently, Ochocinco does. This is the same guy who did the Riverdance, gave CPR to the football, and did the Lambeau Leap (at Lambeau Field) into a sea of Bengals fans, who he bought the tickets for. The show would be pure entertainment at it’s finest, because that’s what Ocho is — pure entertainment.

Of course, to keep the element of surprise in tact, the series will have to be shown after the season (or after each week). However, just being able to see how his mind works and what’s he’s thinking before each week would be comedy. I’m sure Commissioner Goddell wouldn’t be tuning in every week, but even he would find the comedic nature of it.

However, I’m sure if you asked Ochocinco’s what he’d think of his show, he’d brazenly say, “CHILD PLEASE!!! I AM COMEDY!”

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