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Though Everything’s Bigger in Texas… | The Sports Report Girl

Though Everything’s Bigger in Texas…

August 28, 2009 by SRG  
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…that doesn’t necessarily make it better.

As I’m sure you know, Jerry Jones has built a new palace for his Dallas Cowboys. From all accounts, the new digs are gorgeous, with nearly every amenity on hand that one could imagine. For $1.2 billion, it should have everything, right?

Well, not unlike the Steinbrenners, who unveiled their new stadium last April, the venue in Dallas has a few design flaws. Okay, well just one that I can think of… but boy is it a doosey.

Jones, who wasn’t going to settle for anything less then the biggest and the best of everything, installed a High Definition video board so big it actually rivals his over sized ego.

Can you tune this thing to the T.O. Sow?

Can you tune this thing to the T.O. Sow?

The four sided score board (which hangs over the playing surface like the alien space ship in District 9) is 160 feet wide by 72 feet high… and best of all, only 90 feet off the ground. That’s a full five feet over what the NFL rule book states. But the thing is, last week the Titans punter routinely nailed the video board during pre-game warm-ups, and tagged it once during the game. The result of that play was a Do Over.

If you’re thinking the idea of a do over just doesn’t sound right in the NFL, then you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking. But after the competition committee took up the matter this week, they issued their ruling this morning. And what did they decide? They decided do overs were the way to go. Not only would they replay the down, but the game clock would be reset… as if nothing had ever happened.

The committee surely came to this conclusion after some heavy lobbying by Jerry to keep the $40 million screens right where they are. With the season starting in just a couple weeks, he claims there isn’t enough time to raise the monitors without a major engineering overhaul. Thankfully, the ruling is just for this season. The matter will be taken up again in the off season when there’s plenty of time to get it right.

Until then, we’ll track of the number of balls that hit the monitors during the regular season. I’m putting the over under at 12. Care to offer your opinion on the matter? Leave your predictions as a comment below.

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