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Top 10 Most Underrated Players In The NFL Draft | The Sports Report Girl

Top 10 Most Underrated Players In The NFL Draft

April 21, 2010 by Dion Rabouin  
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Tim Tebow... undervalued

Sean Weatherspoon
Weatherspoon also reminds me of Patrick Willis in his Ole Miss days. Is it possible for a linebacker that calls to mind images of Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis to be bad?

Jahvid Best
I’ve been impressed by this kid since the 2008 Emerald Bowl, and you know he must have been amazing to impress me at the Emerald Bowl. I see a lot of Clinton Portis in him. I love CJ Spiller, but I think Best could be the best back to come out of this draft. It amazes me he’s not rated higher.

Aaron Hernandez
Great hands, great speed, great strength. Hernandez is a playmaker with big play potential. Whoever gets him is going to be one lucky team.

Toby “White Power” Gerhartt
I could see “White Power” being the next Jerome Bettis. He could be the best white, non-quarterback, non-lineman in the NFL since Jason Seyhorn. I mean that. I really, really mean that.

Charles Scott
Great size and great speed. He never quite realized his potential at LSU, but I think the kid could play a big role for a lot of teams in the league. He’s like LenDale White minus the gut. OK, maybe not, but I still like him.

Brandon LaFell
How Arrelius Benn is rated above him is one of those all-time mysteries that only Mel Kiper understands. He’s got great hands, has T.O.-like size and I haven’t seen too many receivers better when the ball is in the air. If he doesn’t get taken by the third round, some people should be fired.

Major Wright
With all the commotion about Joe Haden, nobody has been talking about Major Wright. Like Haden, he’s a little undersized, but Wright has big hit, big play potential. He’s got great ball hawking skills and can lay the wood better than any little guy out there.

Golden Tate
He may, honestly, not be big enough to make it in the League. If he can manage to make his size work for him, which he hasn’t had to do in college, he could be a great receiver. I could see him playing an Az Hakim/Steve Breston playmaker role for a high-powered offense.

Eric Berry
I know he’s rated in the top three by most draft “experts,” but having watched him multiple times this year, I don’t know how no one is talking about him being the number one or two pick. He’s so f*cking good. He changes games. His mere presence is enough to make offensive coordinators rethink their entire scheme. He’s like Deion Sanders, in that he can literally take away an entire side of the field. I hate Tennessee and I can’t stop gushing about how good he is.

Tim Tebow
I’m sorry. Call me a homer all you want, but let me just make this point. When Tebow was being recruited out of high school, no one thought he would ever be more than a gimmick, system quarterback. His freshman year, he was the difference maker that won the Gators the title. After his freshman year, everyone said all he could do was run over people and that he would never work as a starting quarterback. His sophomore year, he had the single greatest season in the history of college football. After the Ole Miss game, his junior season, everyone said he and the Gators were overrated and their season was done. He made “The Promise” at the post-game press conference and won another national championship. Now, everyone is saying he can’t be a starting quarterback in the NFL. I think you know where this is headed. What reason has Tim Tebow ever given us to doubt him? Everyone seems to forget that Tebow has been doubted by all the people who knew everything his whole career. He has constantly and consistently shown that he can do everything that everyone says he can’t. I see no reason he won’t redefine the quarterback position in the NFL. I mean that.

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