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Why Denver Broncos Fans Should be Celebrating! | The Sports Report Girl

Why Denver Broncos Fans Should be Celebrating!

April 24, 2010 by Dion Rabouin  
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This was the voicemail left on my machine by my good friend, and devout Broncos fan, Justin.

While I understand my boy’s concern, I have to say that I legitimately think the Tebow pick was a good one for Josh McDaniels and it has nothing to do with whether or not the former Gator will be a good NFL quarterback (I know that sounds strange, but hear me out).

This offseason, McDaniels made what could turn out to be the two best moves in the history of any NFL team, ever. If they work out he will be legendary. He got Brady Quinn – a former first-round pick who could (COULD!) be a great quarterback; he’s never really gotten a chance and in Denver he’ll have a solid O-line, a good defense and a great running game – in exchange for Peyton Hillis, a running back who was never going to play, ever, and two sixth round draft picks.

He followed that up by picking Demaryus Thomas with the Broncos number one draft pick and trading up to draft Tim Tebow with the 25th pick. This pick was amazing for a bunch of reasons, but mostly because he didn’t really give up much to get it.

I’ve heard Broncos fans screaming and crying because Denver relinquished a second, third and fourth rounder to get the pick, but really it was just a second. The third and fourth round choices were picks that the Broncos got from trading down out of the number 11 spot and again from the number 13 position. He was playing with house money.

The move is also amazing because McDaniels simultaneously took all the pressure off Brady Quinn, Kyle Orton and Demaryus Thomas (which was especially good in Thomas’s case because, let’s be honest, the chances of two great receivers coming out of Georgia Tech in five years of running the triple option were slim to none, and as Lee Corso says, ol’ Slim just left the building). There’s also no pressure on Tim Tebow because no one is expecting him to start right away.

All the “experts” are saying that McDaniels’ future is now hinged on Tebow, but nothing could be further from the truth. Tebow will have at least three years to become THE quarterback in Denver. During that time he’ll come in for short yardage and goal line situations, make a few appearances on SportsCenter and probably take a leadership role in Focus on the Family.

Remember, Tony Romo sat for three years, Phillip Rivers sat for three years, Aaron Rogers sat for three years, and all three of them turned out OK. Unlike all those scrubs, though, Tebow will contribute right away in some capacity outside of mop up duty in blowouts. Let’s also not forget that he’s the third biggest name in all of football (behind Manning and Brady), which means more prime time and national games, more jersey sales and increased national relevance – never bad for a team with the 18th ranked media market.

The word on Tebow, going into the draft, was that he was big risk/big reward. McDaniels mitigated the risk better than any coach in this draft could have. Plus, I’m about 75 percent convinced McDaniels pulled the trigger on trading Marshall so he could give Tebow number 15. Now, we’ll see if Tebow delivers the big reward.

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